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Pure-Travel is an Official Sub-Distributor of On Location for the sale of Paris 2024 Official Hospitality Products for South Africa.

The vision of the Olympic Games Paris 2024

At the heart of Paris 2024 is a firm belief that sport can change lives.

  • Sport arouses emotions that make life more intense.
  • Playing sport leads to healthier, more fulfilling lives.
  • Sport encourages values that make societies more inclusive.
  • Sport has the power to change everything, improving education health, social inclusion and community spirit.

We are fully aware that the Olympic and Paralympic Games offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That is why we are keen to harness the enthusiasm and energy sparked by Paris 2024 to ensure it benefits all generations throughout the whole of France.

We intend to do so by encouraging everyone to get involved in sport and draw inspiration from the athletes and their ability to surpass their own limits. Paris 2024 is all about giving everything you have and encouraging others to do the same to awaken our inner athlete. Paris 2024 is a unifying and universal celebration, where an entire country gives its best shot. We want everyone to be involved in the project, to play their part and help build a new model for the Olympic Games.

Revolutionary Olympic Games that will be both spectacular and sustainable.

Spectacular Olympic Games that will never be forgotten, taking sport to places it’s never been before, with celebrations in city centres and by building new bridges with culture and education.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly games with widespread benefits to inspire future generations and leave a valuable legacy for people individually and society as a whole. To make our dreams a reality, we are driven by our creativity, high standards and desire to share. This energy is as palpable today as it will be in 2024 and many years beyond. This vision is what guides us each day and drives us to achieve our three main goals:

Participation – Paris 2024 has already started rallying people everywhere in France, including the sporting movement, the public sector, local and regional authorities, private-sector partners, the general public, etc.

Legacy – the Paris 2024 project will live on long after the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The event is brimming with economic, environmental and social opportunities, and the Olympic Games will leave a legacy that will improve society as a whole.

Celebration  for everyone, everywhere. Paris 2024 cannot imagine the Olympic and Paralympic party any other way. It will be a nationwide celebration; the Olympic Torch Relay will travel across France, and cities hosting Olympic events (surfing and football will take place in Marseille) and, more generally speaking, the country as a whole will be gripped by Olympic fever.

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