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The tour operating by Drifters was Fantastic

“The tour operating by Drifters was Fantastic, including every detail of nature and wildlife environment. The tour guide, Bheki has rich experience with managing trips. He is helpful, funny and works hard and is a professional tourism guide. He takes care of all the members of the team.”

16-day Botswana Camping tour, 26 Jan 2019
Yang Wan, Singapore

I really enjoyed the tour

“I really enjoyed the tour. Our guide was very professional, organized and always tried his best to make the trip a great experience for us.”

13-day Uganda tour, 6 Jan 2019
Annina Tannler

Our guide was very professional

“Our guide was very professional and great at his job. He took really good care of us and always made sure I was fine. He was very responsible. I always felt safe. I have a lot of good memories. It was a wonderful trip.”

12-Day Kenya Tanzania tour, May 2019
Chou, Taiwan

Thank you for this experience

“Our guide had a vast knowledge about nature that contributed greatly to the experience. He’s also a caring person and it is a pleasure to have him around. I hope to be able to travel with him again because he made my first travel to Africa such a great adventure. As to the tour itself, I have enjoyed it more than anticipated. It was well thought out and covers a very diverse side of Namibia. I mostly hoped to see a lot of wildlife and I wasn’t disappointed. I will definitely travel with Drifters again. Thank you for this experience.”

16-day Namibia Accommodated tour, Apr 2019
Elizabeth, Poland

Drifters wins hands down

“I’ve been to South Africa 3 times and my first time was with Drifters, two times with other companies, Drifters wins hands down. I had more fun with this company than the other ones. The tour Guides are friendlier and treat you like family rather than a customer. Way to go Drifters.”

5-day Kruger National Park tour, 4 Jan 2019
Frogg Vidler

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