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Explore the Adriatic Sea on a water polo tour

The most prominent water polo tour destinations are Europe based nations including countries such as Italy, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.

A highlight is exploring the Mediterranean Coast and this is why Croatia and Montenegro are perfect water polo tour destinations.

Croatia and Montenegro

Croatia and Montenegro are two of the most beautiful Mediterranean destinations consisting of picturesque and historical coastal towns with stunning beaches and old towns containing ancient stone walls.

Why go on a tour to Croatia and Montenegro?
  • Mediterranean climate
  • Idyllic locations
  • Reasonably priced destination
  • Culturally enriched experiences
  • Many historical monuments
  • Top water polo playing nations
What to do on tour?

Play water polo matches against teams from top local clubs or get an opportunity to play ocean water polo matches at one of the many beach or harbour locations.

Watch top professional water polo clubs battle it out against each other in the Croatian First League or European Champions League.

Places worth a visit in Croatia include:

Zagreb– Zagreb is an inland capital city which dates back to medieval times and consists of an upper old town and central lower town. Some of the top attractions include the iconic upper old town St Mark’s Church, Dolac Market and Jelacic Square situated in the city centre.

Zadar– whilst in Zadar, go and visit the old town and the sea promenade with the iconic sea organ which is the highlight.

Split– Split is a bustling port town that is packed with yachts and ferries coming and going on a daily basis. Split is also home to the Diocletian Palace, the home of former roman emperor Diocletian.

Dubrovnik– experience the old town of Dubrovnik with its impressive city walls or take in the breath-taking views of the town from atop the mountain above. Whilst in Dubrovnik explore the Dalmatian Coast on a sea kayaking tour.

For all Game of Thrones fans, many scenes in the series were filmed at various locations throughout Dubrovnik old town.

If you are looking for something extra, explore islands Korcula and Hvar. The islands are known as the pride and joy of the Dalmatian Coast.

Just off the Island of Hvar, there is a special place known as the blue caves which is an impressive ocean cave that is only reachable on a boat through a small opening.

If you want to experience nature parks, the two best options are:

  • Plitvice Lakes National Park- This park is one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world with its crystal clear lakes and waterfalls found right in the centre of Croatia.
  • Krka Waterfalls National Park – This park is very similar to Plitvice Lakes, however the main difference is that you are allowed to swim at Krka, whilst at Plitvice Lakes, even touching the water is not allowed.
Places worth a visit in Montenegro include:

The Bay of Kotor, a winding bay with large striking mountains that sink into the Adriatic Sea.

Visit medieval town Kotor, Kotor is a picturesque old town with many interesting little stores and is surrounded by large stoned walls.

Go to the coastal beach town of Budva, This is a perfect location to enjoy the Mediterranean sun or take a short boat ride to St Nikola’s island with its imposing cliffs and stunning beaches.

Best time to travel?

The water polo season runs from June to September.

We recommend traveling between August and September. This is just after the busy peak summer season during June and July.


There are many reasonably priced return ticket airlines flying to most major cities in Europe. Easy transfers throughout Europe can be done via luxury bus, plane or train services.

Preferred airlines that have affordable tickets include Qatar Airways via Doha, Emirates via Dubai and Turkish Airlines via Istanbul.

Going on a water polo tour to Croatia and Montenegro is a must, you get an opportunity to play water polo in the Mediterranean Ocean and watch and play against some of the best, highly skilled water polo players in the world

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