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Our Top Rugby Destinations

We arrange rugby tours for a range of destinations in the UK, Ireland and Argentina. Let’s take a look at our most popular international school team rugby destinations.

UK and Ireland

The UK and Ireland is one of the best destinations to enjoy a rugby tour because you get to experience British and Gaelic culture, cities and towns with lots of character for a reasonable price. No tour would be complete without including a tour of the iconic Twickenham Rugby Stadium, the home of rugby in England.

Why go on a rugby tour to the UK and Ireland?

  • Experience the British and Gaelic cultures
  • Explore the rich rugby heritage of the region
  • Play some of the top and oldest schools/clubs in the world
  • Reasonably priced destination
  • Short travel distances throughout the UK and Ireland
  • Experience major cities London, Edinburgh and Dublin
  • Explore some of the oldest rugby stadiums in the world

What to do in the UK and Ireland?

Play rugby against some of the oldest schools in the world or play in a schools rugby festival. Rugby School, where rugby originates from hosts an International Sevens Rugby Festival during the month of March.

Take a tour of world renowned Rugby Stadiums including Twickenham Stadium (The home of rugby opening in 1909), the Principality Stadium in Cardiff and Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh.

Watch a 6 Nations test match live at one of these renowned venues.


Attractions worth visiting include: Big Ben Clock Tower, Westminster Abbey, London Eye Wheel and Buckingham Palace – all in London, Oxford and Cambridge universities, Bath known for its natural hot springs and 18th Century Georgian architecture and Edinburgh Castle. In Ireland some of the top attractions include the Guinness storehouse, Dublin Castle and the old school town of Galway

Best time to travel?

The best season to take a rugby tour is during March or September, at the end or the beginning of the winter period in the Northern Hemisphere.


There are many reasonably priced return ticket airlines flying to the UK, via London or Edinburgh and Dublin. Easy transfers throughout the UK can be done via plane or train services.

Preferred airlines that have affordable tickets include Qatar Airways via Doha and Emirates via Dubai. There is also British Airways and SAA that have direct flights to the UK.


Why go on a rugby tour to Argentina?

  • Argentina is a visa free destination for South African citizens
  • Beautiful scenery and nature opportunities
  • Experience the bustling major city of Buenos Aires
  • Get to play against top opposition

What to do in Argentina?

Play against top opposition from schools to clubs from across Argentina or play in the World Schools Rugby Challenge that takes place in Buenos Aires from 26 September to 3 October. You can either enter a team into 15 man or the Sevens division at this tournament.

Take a tour of the best stadiums that can be found in Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Salta or watch a local rugby match and experience the passionate rugby fans in Argentina.


Whilst in Argentina attractions worth visiting include the spectacular Iguazu Falls, the bustling city of Buenos Aires which has a variety of quarters that have a different feel including the Plaza De Mayo which has a variety of old colonial buildings, then there is the city of Mar Del Plata which has the impressive Juan Manuel Fangio Motor Museum and the Mar Del Plata Aquarium. There is also the city of Cordoba which houses the historic Cordoba Cathedral and 16 century architecture that can be found around Plaza San Martin.

Best time to travel?

The recommended time to travel to Argentina is during the March and April or between August and September.


There are a number of return ticket airlines flying to Argentina via Buenos Aires. Easy transfers throughout Argentina can be done via local airways and rail services.

Preferred airlines that have reasonable tickets include Emirates Airlines and Latam Airways.

A rugby tour to the UK or Ireland is definitely well worth it if you want to experience the traditions, heritage and rugby culture that is a big deal in these regions. It also gives you an opportunity to play against some of the oldest schools in the world. Whilst Argentina on the other hand is also a passionate rugby playing nation that gives rugby teams the opportunity to explore a naturally beautiful and culturally fulfilled destination.

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