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Fairmont Italian Cultural Tour Experience

Students from Fairmont High School were given the trip of a lifetime to experience Italy with all its glory on a culturally enriched tour.

The group was certainly prepared for a jam packed tour filled will cultural experiences and historical monuments.

Tour highlights

First up was Sorrento, a small resort town which is situated on the outskirts of the city of Naples. The landscape is dominated by Mount Vesuvius which erupted many centuries ago.

The group settled into their resort in Sorrento and spend the next couple of days exploring the ruins of Pompeii, a roman city which was destroyed by the eruption of volcano Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. This was a truly enriching experience as the group got to experience what life was like during the times of the Roman Empire.

The tour group then had the opportunity to walk up Mount Vesuvius and explore one of the world’s most historic volcanoes which is the only European volcano to erupt within the last 100 years.

Next up the group headed to the capital, Rome and settled into their hotel in the city.

The next couple of days were spent exploring everything that Rome has to offer which included guided tours of the imposing Colosseum and the ruins of the Roman Forum, the Vatican City, Spanish steps and the Trevi Fountain – being the high season it was very crowded by the fountain which is said to give you good luck if you throw your coins into it. Everyone then had the opportunity to visit spectacular cathedrals such as St Ignacio’s and the Pantheon.

It was then time to move on, to the ancient and culturally rich city of Florence in the Italian region of Tuscany. There was a change in accommodation this time as the group stayed in a youth hostel for the first time on the trip. The highlight in this region was visiting the Statue of David and the old Florence town bridge. An eye opener for the students was experiencing the amazing leather stalls and the daily fresh local food markets which is something you just do not experience in South Africa.

The final destination was “The Floating City” which is Venice. The time in Venice was spent exploring all the highlights of the city along the canals and spending time wandering around the Piazza San Marco.

Real Venetian souvenirs are exquisite and include Murano glass work, delicate lace and handmade carnival masks that date back to carnivals that used to take place where individuals would conceal their identity by wearing masks. This was the only time when upper and lower class individuals interacted with each other.

Classic food experiences

Italy is renowned for its variety of delicious food that revolves around simple foods such as pasta and pizza. In Florence one of the iconic meals is a Florentine steak which looks amazing however this special steak comes at a high price.


Transport throughout Italy is very efficient and sophisticated which allows for easy transfers throughout the country. From Sorrento to Florence a private coach was organised for the group which was a perfect way to see the landscape of the country.

Between Florence and Venice the group had the opportunity to use the high speed train. It was incredible to see how the train arrived on time! This train was different from the normal trains as every person was assigned a specific seat. This was an incredibly quick journey as the train was able to reach speeds of up to 200km/hr.

What an unforgettable experience the Fairmont staff and students were able to have in a beautiful country like Italy.  All the exploring, memories, great times and captured moments will hopefully be remembered for a long time.

We would like to thank the staff and the rest of the traveling group from Fairmont High School who all contributed to making this an eventful and memorable trip and us at Team Sports Travel hope that we can share many more experience in the future.

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